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  • About Stone Revolution

About Us

Located in Palm Desert, California, Stone Revolution Inc. is a leading supplier and broker of the finest imported and domestic natural stone materials. We offer homeowners, architects, and designers exclusive and personalized stone products and services to realize your design visions and dreams. Our brokers and importers supply a complete range of the highest quality stone materials at the most competitive prices. These include luxuriously crafted marble, granite, limestone, travertine, quartzite, and many other options for virtually limitless design possibilities. We offer a complete array of stone, tile, pavers, flooring, veneering, and cement design products with a dazzling palette of colors, textures, and finishes. Our unique and unmatched selection is ideal for high-end architecture including custom residential homes, large commercial and industrial developments, hotels, and resorts. As part of our offering, we are pleased to be an exclusive distributor for Cement Design, the world’s leading international manufacturer of decorative coatings. With a wide selection of exclusive and versatile products for every type of space and surface, Cement Design combines extraordinary technical capabilities with functionality and aesthetics to create the world’s most innovative and original coatings.

Our experts at Stone Revolution have over 35+ years of combined experience in the architectural industry, and we provide exceptional services to complement your stone design and building needs. We offer project consulting, stone and tile design, water jet and hand-carved designs, custom ordering and cutting, and full-service coordination and facilitation of freight and delivery. For nearly two decades, our staff has been proud to serve homeowners, builders, developers, and architects. As a testament to our high level of customer service, we have received hundreds of testimonials from satisfied and delighted clients. We look forward to bringing the same quality of service to you and helping you bring your designs and dreams to life.

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